Sedital was born on 1978 thanks to the love for solid wood, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit of Faggion brothers: Biagio, Antonio and Gianpietro.
This shared passion has allowed the company to grow, innovate and develope his know-how, by investing in technology and human resources.

The original craftsmanship is gradually joined by increasingly advanced machinery, up to the most advanced techniques of industrial production which guarantee customers the perfection in every detail and working phase: from wood selection, to the finishing steps, packaging and delivery.


All our chairs are produced in Casale di Scodosia, Italy, inside our factory, or with the collaboration of company in our territory.


The high production flexibility allow us to satisfy any request from the customer, doing real change on frame and using a wonderful stain and fabric selection.

Product customization is our highlight : UNIQUE and DIFFERENT products for hotel furniture, restaurant furniture, bar furniture, cruise furniture, theater furniture.


Particular attention is paid to post-sale: we guarantee our presence and assistance, creating trust and long relationship with our customer.