Ashford Castle in Ireland

 Once a country estate of Lord Ardilaun and the Guinness family, the Irish manor has currently been beautifully restored and transformed in Ashford Castle, the second best 5-star hotel in Ireland.

The Ashford Castle

Dining room George V with our classic wooden chairs style Luigi XVI Art.542C. The classic wooden chairs, 100% Made in Italy, stained in antique cherry and upholstered with blue velvet, were finished according to ancient tradition, with nails manually fixed 1 by 1. The coat of arms of the Ashford Castle was embroidered on blue velvet fabric, on the backrest of our wooden classic chairs Art.542C, calling the membership of an ancient royal nobility.

Sedital Chairs in Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle's Dining Room Chairs

Dining Room Chairs of Ashford Castle

Fine dining chairs in George V of Ashford Castel