Indian Restaurant Singh's in Riga

The 'Hotel Contract' is giving us a lot of satisfaction in this last period. The last really interesting example is the elegant Indian restaurant Singh's in Riga, fully furnished with wooden classic chairs made by Sedital, 100% Made in Italy. 4 different styles of Sedital wooden classic chairs have been carefully matched and mixed together using stain, fabrics, and accessories chosen into, Sedital finishing catalogue.


  Dettaglio Made Restaurant


The wooden classic chairs cleverly chosen for this contract project are the  wooden chairs Art.579S and 579C, the classic wooden chairs Art.511S and 511C, the classic chairs Biedermeier style Art.553S and 553C and the easychair with upholstered back Art.608P. Wooden classic chairs and wooden easychair luxuriously painted in antique real silver leaf and upholstered with damask fabric colors purple and brown. 


Sedie Classic Upholstered  


The walls of the dining room, which have been finished with the same damask fabric used on chairs and enriched with Swarosky buttons capitonè, concur to make the dining room a classic and exclusive environement. A game of combinations of styles and colors with Italian flavor.   



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